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Update from Owner Greta Perl

We have kept the store closed for two weeks, allowing the toys time to be quarantined.  To the best of current knowledge, COVID-19 germs do not live on surfaces for longer than that.  I now feel comfortable filling online and delivery orders.  I will be the only one coming in contact with the toys while preparing the orders, and I wil follow the best safety precautions I can, including washing my hands thoroughly and frequently.  When I go out on deliveries I will wear a cloth mask, as advised by the CDC in cases where social distancing is not possible.

We appreciate your support during this time, and look forward to playing together again soon.


About Us

Alphabet Soup has been a specialty toy store on the Ithaca Commons since 1984. We specialize in high-quality, educational toys including the best classic toys and the newest releases.   We want to get kids unplugged and having hands-on fun. Alphabet Soup is locally-owned and independent- we're one of a kind!

Here are some reviews of our store from our Souper customers:

  • "I shopped here when I was a kid and now I bring my kids- fun for generations!"
  • "Charming old fashioned toy store. My kids love to enjoy all the fun toys out on display! They have regular turn over of items so it never gets old."
  • "Excellent experience all around. The staff are cheerful, helpful and informed. They subtly lead you towards the right purchase without being pushy or giving a sales pitch. I was pleased with how endeared both employees were with the toys each customer bought and since I was there at a busy time for the holidays I heard equal care given to each customer. They have a lot of unique items available along with some standard high quality brands."
  • "Its a great store for kids and adults! Will definitely be returning, so much stuff for families to do with kids or even just to keep young ones occupied. Plus my boys love their sea monkey tank I brought them home from my last visit."
  • "I don't have any kids, but this place delighted me to no end."


Please contact us and let us know what you think.  We'd love to hear from you.

We also give back to the community and support our local schools and kid-related organizations.  Here are a few people and events we've donated to in the past year: GIAC, IPEI, Ithaca Cmmunity Childcare Center, Fall Creek PTA,T-Burg Takes on Pediatric Cancer, East Ithaca Preschool, Cops Kids & Toys, Family & Children's Service of Ithaca, and the 4- H annual duck race.


    4-H Annual Duck Race                    Cops, Kids & Toys                      


If you would like to request a donation or talk about others ways we can partner with your organization, contact us. We love finding all the ways we can connect with our community and help kids learn and grow.